Greyhounds As Pets is committed to continually improving the program for participants. As such, we have been successful in making Pre-Assessment Sessions more readily available (meaning you don’t need to wait as long to have your dog assessed).

Please complete the form below and once received, we will contact you to confirm your appointment. Please note there are a maximum of two (2) greyhounds per owner, per session.



^Declaration and Authorization

1. I declare that all information I have provided in this application is: 

(a) Complete in all material respects; and

(b) True and correct to the best of my knowledge; and

(c) I have the approval and/or consent of the owner(s) to take the steps to which I am making this notification.


2. I understand, acknowledge and agree that: 

(a) If GRNSW later determines that information I have provided with my application or notification is false, incomplete or incorrect, it may result in disciplinary action being taken against me;

(b) GRNSW may check and verify any details of the information I have supplied in this application or notification and I consent to GRNSW collecting, using and disclosing my personal information, and any other information contained within this application or notification, including to any third party, where such disclosure is necessary to process my application or notification;

(c) I will immediately advise GRNSW if there is any change to the particulars or information I have provided in this form; and

(d) I will comply with the provisions of the Greyhound Racing Act 2017 and any relevant legislation, regulation including the greyhound racing rules, at all times.